Thank you, Binghamton

{Ring…Ring…Ring…} “Hi, this is Tyler.” “What’s up, Tyler? It’s Larry Burneal, Sports Director at WBNG.” It was late April 2016. I was sitting at the circular cedar table next to the narrow kitchen of my sixth-floor Cedarbrook apartment. I was a senior at Penn State, still waiting for that chance to go pro in the sports broadcasting world. Larry and the fine people at WBNG gave me that chance. I’ll forever be grateful. This blog post details my fondest memories during my 27 months in Binghamton. How I arrived. How I grew. And how I, to my surprise, fell in love with Binghamton. My phone call with Larry only lasted five minutes. He was a big Dallas Cowboys fan. I told him that I was from Pitts

Collecting Cohiba Cigars in Cuba

I spent America’s 241st birthday in Havana, Cuba. A little ironic, right? Young, progressive Cubans are still longing for life that mirrors what we take for granted here in the U.S. That dream, slowly inching closer, but still just a dream, wrapped up and tucked away like a fine Cuban cigar. Speaking of cigars, I cannot stand smoking, but there’s just something about being in Cuba and lighting one up with your father. I first visited the island back in November 2015, and I returned home from that trip with only a handful of Cuban cigars. Just three years later, I surprisingly found myself back in July 2018. And this time around, I was determined to ignite more success on the cigar fr

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